Passport Sorghum



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Accession identifierCollectors numberAlternate accession identifierLocal nameCultivar nameGenusSpeciesBiological statusCountry of originProvinceCollection siteLatitudeLongitudeElevationFAO in trust
IS 178 CI 204; Black hull kafir  SorghumbicolorBreeding/Research materialUnited States of America     Yes
IS 188 Santa fc kafir  SorghumbicolorBreeding/Research materialUnited States of America     Yes
IS 931 FC 4619Shel shelby white SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSudan     Yes
IS 956 FC 4544Tarrano SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSudan     Yes
IS 1082 Barshi 3-8-2; PI 248291  SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceIndiaMaharashtraKarad; Satara district17.28650174.181428565Yes
IS 1096 PI 248305Yenigar 2 SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceIndiaMaharashtraKarad; Satara district17.28650174.181428565Yes
IS 1168 AS 4633Nyahila SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceTanzania     Yes
IS 1172 AS 6348Ntoma SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceTanzania     Yes
IS 1196 AS 6191Chipule SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceMalawi     Yes
IS 1201 AS 9117  SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceTanzania     Yes
IS 1207 AS 6468Ngala-nien SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceMalawi     Yes
IS 1309  Kikuma SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceTanzania     Yes
IS 1333 AS 4601Pawaga irungu SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceTanzania     Yes
IS 1337 AS 4625Mygasa maswadt SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceTanzania     Yes
IS 2122 PI 195682  SorghumbicolorBreeding/Research materialEthiopia     Yes
IS 2123 PI 195683  SorghumbicolorBreeding/Research materialUnited States of America     Yes
IS 2146 PI 221569Kaura SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceNigeriaKanoKano11.5608858.521715480Yes
IS 2205 IC 6183Jaglur SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceIndiaNew DelhiNew Delhi28.62551477.181701 Yes
IS 2290 Q2-2-70; SU 49; PI 217707Robeih SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSudanEquatoriaTorit; East Equatoria4.40805632.574999618Yes
IS 2292 Q2-2-72; SU 51; PI 217710Akol SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSudanBahr el GhazalAweil8.76666727.400001425Yes
IS 2327 Q2-3-35; PI 217879Thok grey SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSudanBahr el GhazalAweil8.76666727.400001425Yes
IS 2328 Q2-3-36; SU 83; PI 217881Malwal SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSudanWad Medani 14.23999933.299999 Yes
IS 2383 P 3746; Q2-5-67; PI 229851  SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSouth Africa Transvaal-23.83333331.5 Yes
IS 2384 Q2-5-68; PI 229860; Fortcox 41  SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSouth Africa Transvaal-23.83333331.5 Yes
IS 2385 Q2-5-69; PI 229861Lady frere red SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSouth Africa Transvaal-23.83333331.5 Yes
IS 2386 Q2-5-70; PI 229862Lydenburg red SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSouth Africa Transvaal-23.83333331.5 Yes
IS 2387 Q2-5-71; PI 229863Makaya red SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSouth Africa Transvaal-23.83333331.5 Yes
IS 2388 Q2-5-72; PI 229864; Matlabas tall red  SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSouth Africa Transvaal-23.83333331.5 Yes
IS 2389 Q2-5-73; PI 229865Mimosa park SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSouth Africa Transvaal-23.83333331.5 Yes
IS 2390 Q2-5-74; PI 229866Natal red SorghumbicolorTraditional cultivar/LandraceSouth Africa Transvaal-23.83333331.5 Yes