Groundnut Characterization

Characterization of germplasm is prerequisite for utilization in crop improvement. Phenotypic characterization involves recording characters which are highly heritable, easily seen by eye and are expressed in all environments. ICRISAT germplasm accessions are characterized at Patancheru location, India (Latitude: 17.51o N, Longitude: 78.27o E, Altitude: 545m). The descriptors developed for characterization and preliminary evaluation are followed in each crop are used for characterization. Crop-specific characterization details are described in the ICRISAT genebank technical manual no. 10.


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Accession identifierCountry of originDays to emergence-rainyDays to emergence-postrainyGrowth habitPlant height (cm)Plant pigmentationStem hairinessBranching patternPrimary branches numberLeaflet colorLeaflet shapeLeaflet hairinessDays to flowering-rainyDays to flowering-postrainyFlower colorStreak colorPeg colorDays to maturity-rainyDays to maturity-postrainyPod beakPod constrictionPod reticulationSeeds per podSeed color patternPrimary seed colorSecondary seed color100 Seed weight (g)-rainy100 Seed weight (g)-postrainyShelling percentage-rainyShelling percentage-postrainyHaulm yield (g)Protein (%)Oil (%)
ICG 7633United States of America1012Erect32PresentSub-glabrous, hairs in 1 or 2 rows along main axisSequential4Light greenEllipticLeaflet almost glabrous on both surfaces1630OrangeOrange-yellowPresent111 to 120 days121 to 130 daysSlightSlightSlight3-2-4-1/3-2-1-4/3-4-2-1One colorTanNone40396171