Little millet Characterization

Characterization of germplasm is prerequisite for utilization in crop improvement. Phenotypic characterization involves recording characters which are highly heritable, easily seen by eye and are expressed in all environments. ICRISAT germplasm accessions are characterized at Patancheru location, India (Latitude: 17.51o N, Longitude: 78.27o E, Altitude: 545m). The descriptors developed for characterization and preliminary evaluation are followed in each crop are used for characterization.Crop-specific characterization traits are described in descriptors.


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Accession identifierCountry of originSubracePlant height (cm)-rainyGrowth habitBasal tillers numberOverall plant aspectDays to flowering-rainyPeduncle length (mm)Panicle exertion (mm)Inflorescence length (mm)Inflorescence width (mm)Inflorescence lowest primary branch length (mm)Inflorescence primary axis nodes numberInflorescence secondary branches numberInflorescence shapeFruit colorFruit length (mm)Fruit width (mm)
IPmr 710IndiaCompacta140Erect17Very good83100 260801001585Contracted archedCinnaman brown22
IPmr 719IndiaLaxa150Erect10Very good75140 380402201352Diffuse openDark olive green21
IPmr 745IndiaLaxa90Decumbent33Poor43140602006080820Open laxDark olive green21
IPmr 748IndiaLaxa90Decumbent33Poor45140602006080922Open laxDark olive green21
IPmr 751IndiaLaxa90Decumbent33Poor441406020060801020Open laxDark olive green21
IPmr 783IndiaLaxa100Erect23Poor50190703003201801126Open laxDark olive green32
IPmr 907IndiaLaxa130Decumbent8Very good728010190  2226Contracted archedStraw22
IPmr 963IndiaLaxa80Erect6Poor41190 190109059Arched looseCinnaman brown21
IPmr 1037IndiaLaxa150Erect4Good812802025060140814Open laxCinnaman brown22