Information on photoperiod and temperature sensitivity of sorghum germplasm is important to identify appropriate sources for developing cultivars with a broad adaptation. The sorghum mini core collection, consisting of 242 accessions along with three check cultivars were evaluated for days to 50% flowering (DFL) and plant height in two long-day rainy and two short-day post-rainy seasons, and for grain yield and 100-seed weight in the two post-rainy seasons. Differences in DFL and cumulative growing degree days (CGDD) in the rainy and post-rainy seasons were used to classify the accessions for photoperiod and temperature sensitivity. Results revealed 18 landraces of mini core as photoperiod and temperature insensitive (PTINS), while 205 accessions were photoperiod sensitive and temperature insensitive (PSTINS), and 19 accessions photoperiod and temperature-sensitive (PTS) sources. This subset contains a list of photoperiod and temperature insensitive accessions (PTINS) identified in the mini core collection, for breeding cultivars with broader adaptation. Refer the original paper Upadhyaya et al. 2021. Click here for details on Accessions.


  1. Upadhyaya HD, Vetriventhan M, Azevedo VCR (2021) Variation for Photoperiod and Temperature Sensitivity in the Global Mini Core Collection of Sorghum. Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 571243. doi:10.3389/fpls.2021.571243.