Finger millet (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn.) is an important dryland crop widely grown in Asia and Africa. The ICRISAT Genebank conserves over 75,00 accessions of finger millet germplasm originating from 25 countries. In general, there are five different seed colors observed in finger millet namely dark brown, light brown, copper brown, reddish-brown, and whiter. The white-colored grains are highly preferred for baking and food industry. A few white seeded cultivars have been released in India which are preferred for making confectionery and bakery products. This subset, consisting of 118 accessions originating from 7 countries, including India (14), Ethiopia (2), Kenya (4), Nepal (18), Malawi (2), Zambia (52), Zimbabwe (9) and Unknown country (17) can be used in finger millet improvement. Click here for details on Accessions.